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Shadow on the Wall
A creative space to heal, grow, & transform into your best self.
picture of Tina Gonzales

Meet Tina,

Your therapeutic teammate.

I believe in providing therapy services that are as unique as you. By integrating art, play, EMDR, and talk therapy, we’ll discover methods that best suit your needs. As your therapeutic teammate, I’m dedicated to guiding you through challenges, supporting you in self-discovery, and helping you achieve lasting mental wellness.

Therapeutic Services

Playing with Toy Vehicles

Play Therapy

Play therapy meets kids at their unique developmental stage and allows them to express themselves naturally. Through play, children can practice various roles and skills that will help them regulate emotions, build relationships, and support their developmental and social growth.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR offers a faster way to process and move through emotional trauma. Suitable for children, teens & adults, EMDR is highly effective, reducing PTSD symptoms by 84-90%.

Happy Kids

Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Soul Fire Studio serves people of all ages. With 30 years of child & family experience and 14 years of clinical work with teens and adults, you can trust that no matter your stage of life, you'll be in capable, compassionate hands.

Looking at Photos

Family Therapy

Family dynamics play a big role in the mental well-being of family members. Instead of focusing on an individual, family therapy helps uncover patterns within the unit so you can reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and better support each other.

Sand Dunes
Sand Tray Therapy

Using a sandbox and figurines, sand tray therapy promotes self-expression and emotional processing. Participants create miniature worlds within the sand, intuitively selecting figures and objects that resonate with their inner thoughts and feelings. This creative process can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with verbal communication, such as children or individuals impacted by trauma.

Pride Flag

Gender affirming care

Soul Fire Studio supports the trans and nonbinary community and offers letters of support for gender-affirming surgery and hormone replacement therapy. 

Kids' Paintings

Art Therapy

Instead of working towards a finished product, art therapy focuses on exploring the feelings that arise during an artistic process. Through creation, you’ll learn how to work through complex emotions, develop new coping skills, and understand yourself better.

Ready to get started?

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